L-1 Employment Visa/Intracompany Transferee

The L-1 Visa is a temporary visa that allows someone to enter the U.S. to work. The L-1 visa is also commonly referred to as the L-1 intracompany transferee visa. The individual seeking the visa is coming to the U.S. to work for a U.S. office of the foreign company, subsidiary, or affiliate. The advantage of the L-1 Visa is that there is no limitation or cap on the number of L-1visas issued. Spouse and dependent children may also enter the U.S. on L-2 visas and the L-2 spouse is authorized to work in the U.S. The adjudication process can be expedited for the L-1 Visa so there are no lengthy delays. L-1 petitions are generally approved for 3 years and may be renewed.

Two Types Of L-1 Visas

  • The L-1A Visa is for executives and managers.
  • The L-1B is for workers with specialized knowledge.

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