U.S. Federal Court Litigation

Individuals who have exhausted administrative means for help with various immigration matters may have an opportunity to seek help by filing a petition in federal court.

A Writ of Mandamus may be filed to compel USCIS to act on an application that has been pending for a long time. Success before the federal judge does not guarantee the outcome of the immigration matter but it will guarantee that USCIS will make a long awaited decision on your application. Also, in certain situations, if your naturalization application has been denied, you may request the federal court to reconsider the naturalization application.

If you have been ordered removed or deported and have been detained for several months pending your physical removal or deportation from the U.S., you may request the federal court to review your case and to release you from detention pending your removal or deportation. Many adverse decisions by USCIS and the Board of Immigration Appeals may be challenged in federal district court or the U.S. Court of Appeals.

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