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If you are facing deportation, don't feel like you have no other option than to leave the United States. There are a number of options that can be pursued in an effort to keep you in the country. Be sure that you have an experienced Houston deportation defense lawyer on your side who understands the law and can help to protect your interests.

Deportation actions can be initiated when a person violates the terms of admission to the United States or if a person is found to be an illegal immigrant. At the Law Office of Cara Wilkins, I represent clients in a wide variety of deportation and removal proceedings. I have more than 20 years of experience as an attorney, including 10 years working for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security representing the government in these types of cases.

Working To Prevent Your Deportation

There are a number of reasons that an immigrant can face deportation. If you are found to be in the country without a visa or other authorization, you can be deported. If you are here legally and found guilty of a crime, you can also be deported. In some cases, your application for permanent residency can be denied and lead to your deportation.

With every case I take, I look for any possible way to prevent your deportation. My only goal in these matters is to reach a positive result that allows you to stay in the United States.

Many people facing deportation are detained until their case is resolved. I will do everything I can to secure bond in your case so you can go through the process without being detained.

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Contact my office today to discuss your deportation or removal questions. You can reach me by phone at 713-541-3222 or via e-mail. For your convenience, I accept Visa or MasterCard and offer payment plans.